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A prestigious University, professional grades in which all those involved in the educational process they are all interested in learning others.

Course Overview

We teach Classical and Western. So as per your choice, you can select either classical or western or both.


We divide Keyboard Course into two categories: Short-term course and Long-term course. 


Short Term Keyboard Course: In short term course, we will teach particularly what you ask. For example, if you want only basics or some songs or particular scales or chords or whatever!!  So in simple we can say that you will get what you want (as per your requirements/needs)


Long term Keyboard course: In long term course, we will teach you everything.So when you complete the full course, you’ll be able to identify the scales, identify the ragas, identify the rythm, identify the music notations and write the music notations. And you’ll be able to compose your own music, play the music which you hear within a quick time. So ultimately, you will get a good grip over the keyboard.

For keyboard, live classes, online classes and home tuitions are available.


Online classes: We teach Online classes to other states, countries. Right now we are teaching online classes for India, USA, England, France, Australia, Singapore etc. For more details contact: 9848793326, 7386565367, 9059776766, 8142872347.

Email id –


Home tuitions: We offer Home tuitions in Vijayawada, it’s surrounding areas(30kms). For more details contact: 9848793326, 738656536, 79059776766, 8142872347.


Live Classes: People who are interested to take live classes, you can join in any of the 4 branches mentioned above. For more details contact: 9848793326, 7386565367, 9059776766, 8142872347.

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  • Duration 120 week weeks
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