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A prestigious University, professional grades in which all those involved in the educational process they are all interested in learning others.

Course Overview

We divide Guitar course into 3 types,


1) Basic course

2) Custom course

3) Full course


Basic course: In basics course, we will teach all the basics of guitar. It takes 1 month.


Custom course: In custom course, we will teach what you ask particularly. So this can be anything like basics, songs, chords, strumming styles, ragas or anything as you ask!!


Full course: In full course, we will teach you everything from basic lessons to professional lessons.

So when you complete the full course, you’ll be able to identify the scales, identify the ragas, identify the rythm, identify the music notations. And you’ll be able to compose your own music, play the music which you hear within a quick time. So ultimately, you will get a good grip over the guitar.

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